Xí Xọn is a minority, female-owned sexual wellness company based in Philadelphia. I am committed to creating a safe space, to providing resources for sexual exploration and pleasure at every stage of life and to promoting radical self love.

To that end, I offer a carefully curated assortment of tools, books, wellness products and novelty items.

In addition, I provide virtual and in-person workshops on a variety of topics including menopause, pelvic floor health, connective touch massage, art & sexuality, erotic writing, and sex education.

My intention is to make you comfortable (and sometimes uncomfortable) and to encourage your curiosity and delight.

Why Xí Xọn

Xí Xọn, pronounced “see-sONg”, is a Vietnamese adjective that means vain, provocative or sassy.

Growing up, my parents used this term to discourage unladylike, inappropriate behavior or dress. I am reclaiming this phrase and rejecting the narrow, patriarchal ideals of womanhood that I was raised with (read: quiet, gentle, pretty, and skinny). I believe that by connecting with our pleasure and owning our sexuality, we learn to honor and to love ourselves completely and can then fully harness our feminine power.

About Virginia

Raised by religious, conservative Vietnamese immigrants, my sex education was limited to “don’t do it” and an awkward high school class on reproduction.

Engrained from childhoold, I associated sex with shame to varying degrees for most of my adult life. I felt uncomfortable and insecure in my own body and was unable to talk openly with my partners about sex, my needs and desires. At the age of 40, I found myself un-partnered for the first time in over 10 years, facing the pandemic and a potentially long dry spell. So I decided to put on my big girl pants (actually take them off) and learned how to masturbate to orgasm and take control of my own pleasure. This is how I began to appreciate, honor and nourish my body and which caused a glorious ripple effect inspiring me to live wholeheartedly and to launch Xí Xọn.

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