Love, compassion and care for others begins with oneself.

I believe that self pleasure is fundamental to wellness, body acceptance and self-empowerment

Mission & Vision

To help individuals on their sexual journey.
To promote sex & body positivity and radical self love.
To foster human connection and community.

My vision is a world that embraces sexual pleasure as a fundamental need and where individuals at all stages of life have the knowledge, resources and tools to communicate, explore and fulfill their desires solo or with a partner(s).

Our Values

  • To create a safe, loving and beautiful space

  • To lift women up

  • To engage, educate, and delight our clients

  • To encourage curiosity and communication

  • To embrace all individuals regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender identiy, ability or sexual orientation

Experiences & Workshops

I am here to build community and create a safe space for your sexual education and exploration!

Join me for workshops, sensorial events and masterclasses on varying topics such as erotic write & shares, pelvic floor heath, self love and more.

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Erotic Lit

I agree with Betty Dodson, the OG sex educator. When it comes to enhancing pleasure, fantasy is as important as genital stimulation!

To that end, I'm bringing you credited and anoymous literary works by writers and enthusiasts of erotica to help you "build a repertoire of yummy, dirty, or romantic fantasies that will see you through a lifetime with an abundance of happy orgasms".

Bon Appetit!

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