We decided to take advantage of the clear skies and warm temps and drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. I packed provisions so we could stop and picnic at some scenic spot. 

It’s been awhile since we’ve met up, you’re settled back in Seattle and I’m visiting So-Cal. I am teasing you with a body hugging, short floral dress. When you pick me up, you have an easy smile and look me up and down appreciatively. “You look gorgeous!” My cheeks flush.

“Thanks.” You fiddle with the sound system to set the mood as I settle into my seat and take a long side glance at you. You are in your happy place and have a huge grin. Your joy is palpable and infectious. You expertly ease the car out of the lot and within minutes we are on the PCH. You are concentrating on the road, left hand on the steering wheel and right hand alternating between the gear stick and my bare thigh. It’s a perfect, easy day with the winding road stretching before us, an epic view of the coast and the sunlight glistening on the ocean waves.

You update me on your new job and I can tell by your tone that you are excited. It’s a good team and you are enjoying the work. Your fingers stroke my thing, wandering higher. My loins tighten.

I fill you in on mine and the courses I’m taking. It’s been a lot to juggle, so I’m grateful for the long weekend off. Your fingers stroke higher. Enticing me.

Hmmm. .  . I look ahead, traffic is pretty light this afternoon. Should I? Could I? 

I lean towards you, hand on your right thigh and whisper in your ear, “would it be terribly distracting if I were too…?” as I begin to caress your bulge over your pants.

You laugh and respond, “I think I can manage.”

I unbuckle myself and undo your belt and pants, carefully pulling the zipper down and releasing your cock from your boxers. I’m pleased to see that you are already hard and can’t wait to taste you. I stroke and feel your length before wrapping my left hand firmly around the base of your thick cock. I begin tentatively at first, licking your tip, tasting the salty precum and wetting you with my tongue. I take you fully into my mouth, savoring your flavor and erection. As I begin to glide my mouth up and down and begin to gently massage your balls with my right hand, you utter a sigh and “Sweet Jesus that feels good.”

I have been wanting this, to suck your penis and bring you the pleasure you deserve. So I take my time and continue my steady pace. Your fingers weave through my green locks and tighten their hold. Your breath is faster now and your occasional moans urge and turn me on. I quicken my rhythm wondering what madness has taken over me. Your right arm reaches around and finds my pussy, rubbing against the soft fabric of my panties that are now damp with desire. Thank heavens, you’ve managed to pull the car over. Your fingers find my clit then tease my vagina. I don’t want your finger, I want your cock inside me.

We are in sync, as I swiftly remove my panties, you pull my dress over my ass. After you unbuckle your seatbelt, I straddle you slowly, feeling your cock stretch me wide. I begin riding you as your mouth kisses my neck and breasts and your hands guide my hips. Frustrated by the tight space, you suggest we move to the backseat. I do, eager and waiting for you to follow suit. 

You mount and continue to fuck me, your intensity and heat rising. I wrap my legs tightly around you so I can meet your thrusts again and again. I feel you hovering at your peak, I whisper in your ear, “Come for me, baby.” And with one strong thrust you do, muscles rigid as I feel your penis begin to spasm and you pull out just in time to ejaculate across my belly and thighs.