The Purpose is Pleasure

The Purpose is Pleasure

January is typically that time of year where we focus on setting ambitious resolutions to improve ourselves; eat better, exercise more, drink less, read more, and so on. And what it really comes down to is focusing on our self-care. In fact, 50% of US consumers list wellness as their top priority and there is a $450 billion dollar wellness industry dedicated to offering products and solutions to help people feel better.

Pleasure is the most basic and accessible form of self-care and orgasms are known to improve our health and well-being in a multitude of ways. The release of endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin promotes happiness, allows for relaxation, and improves sleep. Orgasms strengthen the pelvic floor, foster connection, and improve confidence.

Despite the widespread benefits of pleasure, it still remains challenging to prioritize. Many of us are overwhelmed by life and work demands, face financial stress and are in a constant state of survival mode. Our capitalistic society highly values productivity, forcing us into an endless loop of earning more to pay for commodified pleasure or get to a place where we “deserve it”. And the worst thing is when pleasure becomes just another item to check off on a to-do list!

Thankfully, sex educators Chris Maxwell Rose and Charlotte Mia Rose lay out simple and effective tips to incorporate pleasure in our daily lives. Enjoy!

  1. Set the intention - Bring pleasure to the top of your to-do list
  2. Start Small - Only you know what will bring you happiness, begin with micro moments of pleasure. Maybe it’s a 5 minute foot massage, a 20 second hug, or a walk in nature
  3. Be mindful - Pay attention to how the experience makes you feel
  4. Repeat- With that positive feedback, you’ll find that the more you do it, the easier it becomes to continue

Photo Credit: Nick Owuor